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    OCTOBER  2020


     Welcome to the Magazine Museum's presentation of children's magazines. This 39th edition of the Magazine Museum's website highlights the magazines published for children.  In our Covers & Pages section we present five more very exciting, historically significant magazines-  American Boy, American Girl, Boys' Life, John Martin's Book, and School Arts Magazine. In the Databank we are listing 330 children's magazines. Our Gallery section is showing off  200 examples on two pages of  the best covers.


    Children's Magazines. There probably is no more significant category of  periodical publication than that of the magazine for children. The magazine for children has the potential for providing the greatest meaning for its readers. Children are much more susceptible, much more open to new ideas, much more wanting of new experiences than the rest of us. The magazine for young readers has the possibility for great education, great influence, and great entertainment. The best magazines of the past understood all of that. The best magazines were both educators and entertainers, both friendly persuaders and portals of fantasy. The best children's magazines of the past, like St. Nicholas, were focused on the children's needs, and not necessarily the parent's needs.

      All of these possibilities combine to make children's magazines a very exciting category. We hope you enjoy this look at children's magazines as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.



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