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    APRIL  2019


     Welcome to the 20th century! This edition of the Magazine Museum's website highlights the magazines of the years 1900-1909.

 In our Covers & Pages section we present five very exciting, historically significant magazines-  American Magazine, Collier's, Connoisseur, House and Garden, and Vogue.  In the Databank we are listing 346 magazines started in this decade. Our Gallery section is showing off  246 examples of  20th century covers on three pages.


    The first decade of the 20th Century saw the change of magazines from tabloid weeklies and dailies of the preceding century to the monthly national magazines of mass circulation. Printing technology continued to advance. The flatbed press began to give way to the much faster rotary press. Expensive engravings gave way to halftone illustrations. Photoengravings allowed for much improved photographs. Photographs gradually became an ever-increasing part of magazine graphics. Illustrations continued to be an important part of what magazines had to say. The successful illustrators continued  to make names for themselves as cover graphics and printing quality improved. The largest publishers continued to increase their number of titles, as well as their circulation figures. Important to magazine's increasing significance were names like S.S. McClure, John Brisbane Walker, Cyrus Curtis, George H. Lorimer,  Edward W. Bok, Frank Munsey, Conde Nast, and more. Also contributing to magazines' increased numbers was the increase of national advertising.

      All of these changes combined to make this period in magazine history a very exciting one. The 20th century was  the age of national magazines in America. We hope you enjoy this look at the magazines of the first decade of the 20th Century as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

   You may notice a new addition to our web site. We have added a new page- The Magazine Store. At this point the Magazine Store is only an experiment. Time (and sales) will tell us if we are to continue with selling used books and magazines on this site. As of now we are using PayPal for payment. If you have any questions please email us at We will reply to your phone number or email address as soon as possible.



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