ARTISTS . 5C

APRIL 2022



The Magazine Museum is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to the glorification, presentation,and  preservation of magazines. We wish to acknowledge and pass on an appreciation of both    the power of the printed page and the beauty of graphic visual communication. We will do this by means of five departments:

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The purpose of this website is, first and foremost, to communicate with other magazine lovers.

We hope to provide information and a forum for appreciating magazines in general, and graphics, art, and photography, in particular. We hope eventually to provide a means for buying and selling magazines and books. For more immediate and direct communication please email us at

Theodore Martin, Founder and Design Director . 2022                                                     


Welcome to the 45th edition of the Magazine Museum’s web site.This edition we are presenting the fifth of what we hope to be a long series,highlighting,in alphabetical order, the works of the world’s best illustrators.This fifth artist edition presents the works of 20 men and two women, from Ernesto Cabral to Arthur Crouch.This time out, we’re showing an international list of artists.Countries represented are Mexico, Romania, France, Brazil, Poland, Australia, Italy, Canada, England, and of course, the United States. We’re showing some very exciting artwork.

     Also included here,on our Databank page,is a complete list of all the artists we have highlighted.If we manage to omit your favorite artist, we must apologize in advance. There have been a lot of great artists throughout the years!

     You may have noticed a new look to our site this issue. We have been forced to revert back to using the initial software we used when we started the Magazine Museum web site in 2012. Due to the greed of Adobe, we can no longer use Muse to produce the site. We are forced to us an inferior design tool.

     We hope you enjoy this edition of the Magazine Museum as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.