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COVERS & PAGES 25. 1960-1969

Welcome to the swingin' 60s. This version of our Covers & Pages section highlights the magazines started between the years 1960-1969. This decade was probably the height of creativity for the printed periodical.We present here four of the most exciting magazines of the decade. These four stars burned very bright. But that light burned out quickly. They barely made it to the end of their decade.While they lasted they were exciting!

AVANT GARDE. US. JAN 1968 - SUM 1971. Avant Garde was a visually exciting contribution to the swingin' 60s. A monthly magazine, it sprang from the mind of Ralph Ginzburgh its editor,but it was its art director- Herb Lubalin who gave this magazine its dignity and design superiority. Avant Garde lasted only 14 issues, but it made a big noise in the magazine world. It was a hardbound quarterly, presenting mostly erotic and anti-establishment material,its design innovation was greatly admired by the creative community.
AVANT GARDE. US. JAN 1968 - SUM 1971.
EYE. US. MAR 1968 - MAY 1969. Eye was an exciting new magazine for teens and young adults. Published by Hearst, Eye was a monthly, large format magazine that lasted only 15 issues. It presented articles on music, movies, culture, fashion, and much more. And perhaps the most exciting part of the magazine was its foldout poster in every issue. Eye magazine was a most exciting part of 60's culture, but was a star that burned out way too soon.
EYE. US. MAR 1968 - MAY 1969.
NOVA. UK. MAR 1965 - OCT 1975. Nova was a large format British monthly of mostly general interest. Although, the fashion articles may have shown the magazine to be more of a women's interest. Nova was a simple, well-designed magazine. The magazine explored such a wide range of subject matter that you can be sure the editors were people of unceasing curiosity. Articles in its ten year existence presented subjects on women's fashions, politics, film, child abuse, hippy culture, biographies, religion, food, literature, etc., etc...
NOVA. UK. MAR 1965 - OCT 1975.
SHOW. US. OCT 1961 - MAY 1965. Show was a short-lived, large format, monthly. Show magazine was a classy, sophisticated journal that presented a mountain of information in its short 3 years. Show presented information and insight into a wide variety of subject matter, from entertainment to media, from art to books, from television to theater. Reading Show magazine on a regular basis, meant you were keeping up with culture,both current and historic. For three short years Show was an exciting phenomenon.
SHOW. US. OCT 1961 - MAY 1965.

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