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DATABANK 31. 2010-2019

     This edition of the Magazine Museum’s web sight highlights the magazines of the 21st Century, the years 2010 - 2019.  This first years of the new century saw the magazine publishing business in transition. Magazines began the transition from print to digital and on-line in the last years of the last century. And this transition continued and intensified in this new decade. To address this digital change we have added the columns of PRINT, ONLINE, AND DIGITAL. Bear with us, it will take a while before we register all magazines in these columns. We have 161 magazines listed here for the decade. These were all magazines that were started in this second decade of the century. Of course, there were a few more publications actually printed throughout the world in that period. As of this date, we have not the resources to list every magazine that existed in each time period. But we are working on that. Adding to the difficulty of listing as many magazines as possible, is the continued practice of the magazine business to continue names as titles. Magazine names are bought and sold and passed on, sometimes even after the magazine has ceased to exist. If a title is continued, the new name may, or may not, represent the same entity. Life magazine in the seventies was not the same magazine as Life magazine in the twenties. We have attempted to distinguish these similarities by numbering the magazine names in our list. For instance, Rolling Stone #2 is the music magazine started by Jann Wenner in San Francisco in 1967, not the political satire magazine of the same name published in Austin Texas in 1894. Also adding to the complexities of listing magazine data is the difficult task of listing a periodical's ending date. Our solution is to use the words "present" and "current". "Present" means a magazine was still in existence at the time our databank was compiled. "Current" is used to show the last date known for the magazine, with the assumption that it may, or may not, still be published.

     This Data Bank represents a concerted effort on our part to collect accurate information on magazines and magazine history. We believe it is of the utmost importance to maintain this data in a usable central location. We hope this information is of use to one and all.



2010 - 2019