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    APRIL  2017



    Welcome to the swingin' 60's!  This edition of the Magazine Museum's web sight highlights the magazines of the 20th Century, the years 1960-1969. The seventh decade of the twentieth century was an exciting time for magazines. This was the pinnacle decade for magazine publishing. Magazines had become big business, and publishing houses continued to increase in size. Publishers like Conde-Nast, Filipacchi, Gruner + Jahr, Hearst, Mondadori, and Time Inc. continued to become internationally known entities. The magazine business was booming. The sixties were also a very exciting time culturally. There were a lot of new ideas going around in the sixties. International strife and conflict tended to stir up  old conventions and force new thinking in a lot of places. Magazines reflected that thinking, and that energy. As it had always been, magazines continued to be a way of communicating that energy and those new ideas to the masses. Adding to all of that, magazine graphics and printing technology had never been better. Magazines looked exciting! This was the pinnacle decade for magazines. Long live the swingin' 60's!



The Magazine Museum is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to the glorification, presentation, and preservation of magazines. We wish to acknowledge and pass on an appreciation of both the power of the printed page and the beauty of graphic visual communication. We will do this by means of five departments:


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The Purpose of this website is, first and foremost, to communicate with other magazine lovers.

We hope to provide information and a forum for appreciating magazines, in general, and  the graphics, art, and photography of magazines, in particular.

We hope, eventually, to provide a means for buying and selling magazines and books.

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