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JULY  2017


U&lc. Influencing Design and Typography.

Edited by John D. Berry. Mark Batty Publisher.2005


     Our 26th edition of our Library Page is showcasing a most valuable book edited by John D. Berry- U&lc. Influencing Design and Typography. This book is truly valuable for anyone who loved and was influenced by the magazine, U&lc. And it is especially valuable for anyone who did not save all of their issues of the magazine. Unfortunately U&lc was printed on inexpensive newsprint paper, and like all old magazines, the whites have sadly turned to browns and yellows. So, even if you were vigilant enough to save the magazine over the years, its pages are most likely not the same as they were. So with this book, everyone has a chance to re-experience some of the brilliant design that was U&lc. This book does an admirable job of showing, in text and images, what the magazine was all about. It is a wonderful look back at the good old days of typography and printing.